Why a Running Guide?

So you've arrived in Ibiza for your holiday, and you've brought your running shoes in the hope that you can fit in a run or two. The obvious starting point might be the closest roads. But Ibiza traffic in summer can be considerable, while many of the prettier country roads don't have any pavement. The trails, on the other hand, offer a safer, traffic-free, alternative.

Single Track towards San Vicente.png
Stone Arrow.png

Discovering appropriate and accessible running trails in Ibiza is very much a process of elimination. I can't count the number of times I found a lovely looking trail, only to discover it turns into someone's private driveway, forcing me to either a) turn around and re-trace my steps, or b) run through their garden in an effort to find a continuation of the path, hurdling the ubiquitous resident guard dog in the process!

Google maps can be rather misleading here too. On many occasions I've found my way barred by the mysterious appearance of a gate/wall/house across the trail, or similar insurmountable obstacle (time to re-trace steps again!).

So if you like the idea of a friendly and knowledgeable guide running with you to navigate some peaceful hidden trails, just let us know.